Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our 15 Minutes of Fame

Did you know: Simply Smashing! is featured in the CRAVE SF Bay Area Guide. More than just another guidebook, CRAVE SF is "a savvy, quality-of-lifestyle book devoted entirely to the best local businesses, owned by women." "The Urban Girl's Manifesto" if you will :)

And, CRAVE isn't kidding when they put their name on something. Just today, as I was doing my daily scroll through Facebook, I spotted a post on the CRAVE SF page, where they linked the Simply Smashing! ONE DAY CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE (Today Only, 5/10/11, Daaahlings!) and, with a click, sent it into the Facebook universe!

How special does that make us feel? Very!!

That's what I love about women in business ... working together and payin' it forward ... now that's a winning combination :)

This is today's Customer Appreciation Sale blast (expires 5/10/11 - but, there will be more where this came from!):

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