Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I say... by all means... reinvent the wheel!

I have a colleague who always recommends: "Don't reinvent the wheel" in business. He feels that, if most like-businesses are doing "it" (whatever "it" is we're talking about) one way, then that is the best way (*yaaawwn*). Sort of an if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it methodology.

But, that's just it. I believe it IS broke. When faced with a let's-be-safe-and-do-it-like-everyone-else mind set, I hear that little voice in my head, "Danger, Will Robinson!" In case you haven't noticed, a lot of those like-businesses are going OUT of business! In my mind, my friend's theory smacks of big box, corporate retail (my "it" has everything to do with boutique retail...specifically, MY boutique).

My experience is that of both a current boutique owner AND a female, boutique-shopping consumer from way back, and I come from a place of reinvention. I happen to believe in being true to oneself - in business, style, fashion & life - always. And, given today's ever-changing and somewhat frightening market, I feel it is uber-important to do exactly that, and be confident about it.

If you own a business, my best advice (and, believe me, my advice is worth every bit of the $0.00 you pay for it-;) is...

  • Ask your customers what puts a smile on their face, and listen to their answers.

  • If something creative speaks to you - do it - be true to your dream. The likelihood is that your customers will like what you like - that's what attracted them to you in the first place.

  • Reinvent the wheel at your whim ... it's your business - you can always change it ... how cool is that!

  • Never. Ever. Give. Up.

I make some funky, interesting choices - from what I sell to how I display it to my boutique hours and sale concepts - when it comes to Simply Smashing! Let me know if you'd like more blogging on this point and ... Please Please Please comment - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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