Sunday, May 15, 2011

His way or the highway

"I admire people who live by their principles - even when I don't agree with them." -Anthony Bourdain

"I'm for chefs who are cooking what they want to cook, their menu, their food, their way, being true to themselves. Anyone who's chosen their own path and chosen to live in an uncompromising way." -Anthony Bourdain

I am sure I am not alone among women of a certain age who are crushing on Chef Bourdain. There's just something about him. That certain je ne sais quoi. For me, it's mostly the way he stands true to himself, no matter what (although, his sexy saunter doesn't hurt). He likes to throw the F word about - one of my all time favorite words of all time. He will eat and drink what he pleases, where he pleases, with whom he pleases. And, if you choose not to be around smokers, you'll have to choose not to be around this man.

Just another solid example of being true to oneself, which is, in my estimation, one of the most important things ... in life ... in style ... in love. A true turn-on for me :)

You might get a kick out of "Why he left Food Nework" on Youtube:

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