Saturday, April 30, 2011

Be true to yourself, Daaahlings!

Yeesh! It seems everyone's a fashion critic these days. While this is not necessarily the hat style I would choose to wear for the royal wedding, it was Princess Beatrice's choice, and I say Kudos to her for being true to herself!

Did she do it for shock value (you know - shock value - Lady Gaga's meat dress - Bjork's swan dress) - I wouldn't wear one of those either, but there is something to be said for being artsy. Or, quite possibly, this may simply be the hat that spoke to Princess Beatrice. Either way, isn't it so much more interesting to experience different styles? I think so.

At the end of the day, neither I, nor most of the self-proclaimed fashion critics, are likely to be invited to such a royal day of glorious fashion and, really, would we be able to pull off an outfit without criticism?

My point: All styles may not be for us, but can it suffice to say just that, without damaging comments toward a girl who dressed up for a wedding? Just sayin'

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  2. Love what Phillip Treacy (designer of the now-infamous hat) had to say about all the hullabaloo over his creation:

    “No, they didn’t tell me [what they wanted] because I’ve known them for a long time and I wanted them to look gorgeous and beautiful. They trusted me to make them. Gorgeous and beautiful can be open to interpretation … I thought they looked gorgeous and beautiful. But no one is crying if anyone didn’t.” [article by Justin Fenner,]

    Thanx to "A Girl's Tales of Shopping, Saving & Sequins" for sharing on Facebook :)


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