Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Are Obsessed with Nigel Who?!

Pie Crust skirt (available in black or white) & signature Nigel Who? tank - coming soon to Simply Smashing!

Designer, Ronnie Bogel of Nigel Who? and his fab frocks, featured in SCENE Magazine

Cloud Skirt in gold, with Asymmetrical/Off Shoulder Top in black

Black Gown...coming soon

I am so excited, I don't know where to begin! Guess I'll begin at the beginning...

Simply Smashing! was invited to the Nigel Who? fashion show 2011. Now, I had not yet heard of Nigel Who? or it's innovative designer, Mr. Ronnie Bogel, but my interest was sparked. After all, word was out via two of our fave fashionistas/style bloggers (MODE Bay Area and The Stunning Post - find them on Facebook - you'll be glad you did!) that this was the designer to watch and the fashion show to see! So, off we went (Ashley, my Simply Smashing! cohort, and I) to see the show - and what a show it was! See for yourself...

Fast forward a couple of weeks... Ronnie and I were quickly connected and, thus, began the whirlwind of Nigel Who? coming to Simply Smashing! Just last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting this passionate man and designer of exquisite masterpieces who describes his work as "Classic Innovative," in person at our boutique. We chit-chatted about Nigel Who?, Simply Smashing! and general falderal, all the while introducing Ronnie to customers as they perused the boutique. What a delight!

Did you know, Simply Smashing! has polished up our focus on fabulous local and indie designers? Ronnie Bogel and Nigel Who? happen to be both! I am a fierce believer in always (and I mean ALWAYS) being true to oneself - in life and in fashion. Ronnie, too! Dare I say it...great minds think alike! ;)

Long story a little bit shorter - Simply Smashing! is heart-deep in a love affair with Nigel Who? and we are beyond-excited to announce a partnership made in style heaven. Beginning this Friday, August 19 2011, our boutique will be sporting TWO different looks from Nigel Who?, along with the fashion show (see link above) video playing for customers...all day, every day. Not only will we soon carry several of these incredible looks in the boutique (I'm telling you, the Pie Crust Skirt and the Cacoon Dress are to-die-for - and wait 'til you see the coat!), but we will happily take special orders for any of the looks on the video. Any time!

Swing by, Daaahlings - Nigel Who? is Aaahh-Maaa-Zzing!!

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