Saturday, July 23, 2011

Coming Soon: Rock N The Trend!

The design of these baubles is so intricate and detailed, at first, you don't realize they are fashioned with something quite unexpected. After a closer look, you say to yourself, "It almost looks as if...why, yes, they ARE made from guitar picks!"

I met with the talented (not to mention beautiful, artsy and oh-so-clever) designer of Rock N The Trend Jewelry this week and she showed me her wares. There was nothing I didn't love. Seriously. Loved all of it!

After playing jewelry dress up with Lisa (honestly, I was giddy with excitement - like a kid in a candy store), I scored an A-MA-ZING cuff bracelet, which I can't keep myself from wearing. With everything!

Needless to say, Rock N The Trend is coming to Simply Smashing! We'll get our first pieces in a couple of weeks - feels like FOREVER away! Meanwhile, I'll be rockin' my cuff bracelet and showing it off, every chance I get (neener neener neener)!

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We'll be blogging more about new and upcoming jewelry lines - a very eclectic mix - all fabulous! And stay tuned for our new denim line, coming soon...

P.S. Thank you to Rommellyn of The Stunning Post (who claims Simply Smashing is "her" boutique, but that's another blog all together) for the introduction! Find her on Facebook at!/thestunningpost

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